Venezia ICJLE大学院生助成金のお知らせ

2018年8月2日に、ベネチア日本語教育国際研究大会(Venezia ICJLE 8月3・4日開催)に先立ち、大学院生対象のワークショップが行われます。

日時:2018年8月2日 午後2時から午後5時
場所:Università Ca’ Foscari, Sala Giovanni Morelli - Malcanton


1. 院生ネットワーキング:大学院生同士がつながりを作る活動をします
2. 3分間スピーチ:自分の研究を3分で発表し、お互いの研究にコメントやフィードバックをします
3. 先輩に続け:若手研究者の方に就職活動やお仕事の話を聞き、院生がキャリアについて考えます


1. 学会時に大学院生である
2. 大学院生ワークショップに参加する
3. 大学院生ワークショップで3分間スピーチをする
4. 学会ディナーに参加する




Venezia ICJLE大学院生ワークショップ実行委員会

Venezia ICJLE Postgraduate Student Support Grant

The postgraduate workshop committee warmly invites postgraduate students in the field of Japanese language education and the relevant field to the postgraduate workshop at the Venezia International Conference on Japanese Language Education (Venezia ICJLE held on 3rd & 4th August 2018). The time and venue of the workshop is as follows.

Time: 2nd August 2018 from 14:00 until 17:00
Place: Università Ca’ Foscari, Sala Giovanni Morelli - Malcanton

This postgraduate workshop aims to provide opportunities for postgraduate students and invited early-career scholars in different countries to create and develop networks and improve each other’s research. The proposed schedule for the workshop is as follows.

1. Networking:Attendees engage in an activity to get to know each other.
2. Three-Minute Thesis Speech:Participants will present their research within three minutes and exchange comments on each other’s research.
3. Career Workshop:Following the talks of invited early career scholars from different countries, attendees will discuss their career possibilities through Q&A.

This workshop is supported by Shōyu Club. Workshop participants are eligible for the ICJLE Postgraduate Support Grant which supports their attendance to the Venezia ICJLE. The scholarship applicants must meet criteria below.

1. Being a current postgraduate student in August, 2018
2. Attending the postgraduate workshop
3. Presenting three-minute thesis speech
4. Attending the conference dinner

The grant will be awarded in the form of the conference registration and the conference dinner fee waiver. Maximum of 25 postgraduate students will be awarded.

To apply for the grant, applicants must submit their three-minute thesis speech scripts. The committee will review the speech scripts to select the recipients of the grant. The deadline for the grant application is 21st February 2018 (Italy Time).

We look forward to your application and participation. For further details about the conference, the postgraduate workshop, and the grant application, please refer to the Venezia ICJLE conference and the postgraduate workshop website below.

The Committee of the ICJLE Postgraduate Workshop

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